IMS 53mm Precision Portafilter Double Basket - 12/18gr

by IMS

Take your coffee game to the next level with this Competition Series precision basket.  The electro polished finished combined with an engineered perforation pattern ensure the best and most consistent coffee extraction.  The shape was designed by IMS to optimize the ratio between base and height of the coffee puck as well as facilitate drying and expulsion.

Suitable for standard portafilters accepting a 53mm tamper base.


  • Border  Ø65mm (B65)
  • Capcaty: 2 cup (2T)
  • Height  27.5 mm (H27.5)
  • Capacity 12/18g
  • Perforated area: 44mm
  • 641 round holes with conical section and 0.30mm diameter
  • IMS B652TH27.5M


Will fit most:

Astoria Plus 4 You, Wega Concept, La Spaziale

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