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220V 50/60 Hz 8W 1/8" F x 1/8" F Three-Way ODE Solenoid

by ODE

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This three-way solenoid valve assembly is used in La Marzocco equipment as the group head water distribution solenoid. For this application they are installed with the water flow following the indicating arrow on the bottom of the brass valve body. 

NOTE!!! These are also used on the steam boiler auto-fill water inlet. When installed in combination with the cap and plug (not included) these are modified into a two-way valve. For this application they are installed backwards, with the water flowing opposite of the indicating arrow on the bottom of the brass valve body. As La Marzocco states:

"The steam boiler solenoid valve is a three-way solenoid valve with one port (top port) sealed shut. The sealed top port creates a modified two-way valve. Under normal conditions the steam boiler solenoid valve operates at a constant differential pressure of 105 p.s.i. If mounted incorrectly, a differential pressure greater than 130 p.s.i could cause the solenoid valve to open thus causing the steam boiler to overfill. The overfilling of the steam boiler would render the steam boiler useless and could present a hazardous situation. This valve is orientated and installed in the machines as indicated in the drawings below to avoid an overfill situation in the steam boiler. Any other orientation or installation of this valve is not recommended."



Part number Manufacturer
8S086  De Vecchi Giuseppe 
2102059  LF
L100/E  Marzocco
L100/E.01  Marzocco
L100/E.02 Marzocco
300065 Nuova Ricambi
L100E  Nuova Ricambi