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Delter Coffee Press

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Faster, cleaner & better tasting coffee!

Delter Coffee Press is the first coffee maker deigned from the ground up, to solve one of the biggest coffee brewing problems-agitation. Uncontrolled agitation results in bitter coffee and inconsistent extraction. Delter’s unique Jet-Seal keeps the brew water and coffee grounds separated preventing uncontrolled agitation. Water contact is activated by actuating the Jet-Seal with pressure, offering complete control over water flow and agitation. The result is an exceptional cup like no other. Less bitterness with more clarity.

A unique delta Jet-Seal separates the brew water and coffee – stopping unwanted agitation and offering next-level brewing possibilities. The Delter Coffee Press is the first coffee maker to use “Injection Brewing“ process, a completely new brew method Delter Coffee developed after countless hours of experiments. This works by infusing hot water into the coffee grounds under pressure, for improved control and consistency.



  • Jet Seal: Unique seal that prevents any unwanted agitation of the coffee bed during brewing.
  •  Injection Brewing: The water and coffee are separate until you're ready to start brewing using injection brewing. 
  • Dosing Tool: 12g dosing tool that also doubles as a heat lid.
  •  Simple to Clean: All you need is a few minutes to wash with water
  •  Portable: Weighing less than 250g (8.8 oz), the Delter is ideal for camping, plane, travel, office or home. 


Delter Coffee Press Introduction:


Delter Coffee Press brew guide: