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E61 Bottomless Portafilter (After-Market)

by LF
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This aftermarket E61 bottomless or naked portafilter will fit most Aurora, Brasilia B61, Casadio, ECM, Elektra, Faema, Futurmat and Grimac (fins 7.2mm).  Make sure that you measure the fins on your current portafilter to confirm fit, your machine might use a portafilter with thinner fins and need the Wega bottomless portafilter.

Taste the difference a portafilter can make. The Barista can watch the coffee brew right from the bottom of the filter basket and immediately know if channeling occurs, signaling that a level tamp was not made, which makes this an invaluable tool for training.  Most Bottomless Portafilters will accept 21 gram triple baskets since portafilter body depth is no longer an issue. This item comes standard with a 58mm 21 gram triple basket, but will also accept any other "standard" sized portafilter basket.  Don't like the hole at the end of the standard handle?  Add a chrome cap to complete the look of this portafilter.

Still not convinced that you should own a bottomless portafilter?  Have a look at this great article by Perfect Daily Grind.


Fins: 7.2mm
Handle connection: M12
Handle material: Black plastic
Portafilter material: Chrome covered brass
Made in Italy

Customer Reviews

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Craig (Ottawa, ON)
Perfect for the Lapera DS

Old-school E-61 groups are rare so most folks just use modern E-61 portafilters and put on a thicker group gasket. However, the Lapera uses a modern re-imagine-ing of the classic Brugnetti Aurora lever group so I needed a bottomless with the properly-thick lugs. Kudos to coffee addicts for having such a rare item in stock! Also, FYI, a Scace thermofilter fits.