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Fetco Tank Cover O-Ring Dash #344 (1024.00007.00)

by Fetco

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Fits the following models:

CBS-2021eG, CBS-2021eP, CBS-2031e, CBS-2031ee, CBS-2031s, CBS-2032e, CBS-2032ee, CBS-2032s, CBS-2041e, CBS-2041ee, CBS-2042e, CBS-2042ee, CBS-2051e, CBS-2052e, CBS-2052e20, CBS-2061e, CBS-2062e, CBS-2131, CBS-2131XTS-1G, CBS-2131XTS-3L, CBS-2132, CBS-2132XTS-1G, CBS-2132XTS-3L, CBS-2141XTS, CBS-2142XTS, CBS-2151XTS, CBS-2152XTS, CBS-31A, CBS-31Aap, CBS-32A, CBS-32Aap, CBS-51H10, CBS-51H15, CBS-52H15, CBS-52H20, CBS-61H, CBS-62H, IP44-CBS-52H15, IP44-CBS-52H2

HWB-10, HWB-15, HWB-25, HWB-5, HWD-2105 TOD, HWD-2110, HWD-2110 TOD

TBS-2121, TBS-21A


Fetco part 1024.00007.00