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GEM Series Coffee Dripper by Stefanos Domatiotis

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GEM Series Coffee Dripper is a modern, authentic, high-quality dripper designed by World Brewers Cup Champion Stefanos Domatiotis and produced by Brewista.

The GEM Series Coffee Dripper was created to improve consistency and simplify the process of making great pour over coffee.  This is achieved with  the addition of a lid that is placed atop the brewer with a hole that naturally restricts the hot water pouring radius, resulting in a more consistent bloom phase and more even contact time through the brew cycle, while minimizing the common human error of imprecise pouring.  Additionally, a system of vertical and horizontal ribs on the brewer’s inner walls are designed to prevent solids from clumping at the bottom of the brew bed, while allowing water to flow consistently by separating the included paper filter from the inner walls.

Pair with the GEM Series Server for a perfect set!


Features of GEM Dripper:

  • Premium porcelain material with great heat retention
  • Unique close thermo system enables a steady water flow & traps aroma modules
  • Vertical and horizontal ribs to prevent clumping
  • Easy to use and promotes consistent brew
  • Perfect for conical filter paper for 2-4 cups