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BUNDLE & SAVE! Save 10% off of any grinder when buying an espresso machine. Automatically applied at checkout.

La Pavoni Lever Millennium Bottomless Portafilter With Walnut Handle (After-Market)

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This aftermarket La Pavoni bottomless or naked portafilter will fit post millennium La Pavoni lever machines.

Taste the difference a portafilter can make. The Barista can watch the coffee brew right from the bottom of the filter basket and immediately know if channeling occurs, signaling that a level tamp was not made, which makes this an invaluable tool for training.  This item comes standard with a 51mm 14 gram basket, but will also accept any other 51mm sized portafilter basket.  

Still not convinced that you should own a bottomless portafilter?  Have a look at this great article by Perfect Daily Grind.


Handle connection: M12
Handle material: Walnut
Portafilter material: Chrome covered brass
Made in Italy

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Ben Lindo (Toronto, ON)
Nice but not perfect.

For the price, I was a bit disappointed there is a sharp edge along the inside of the portafilter, not the outside edge luckily, but I can see someone rubbing their finger along that ledge when cleaning it maybe. Not sure if it's bad enough to cut you but seems possible (used a few times, haven't gotten sliced yet).

Before getting this one I tried a cheap (1/3-1/4 of the price!) wood naked portafilter from China which was actually really nice, nicer than this one it seemed, but unfortunately it was for a Delohghi machine and ALMOST fit (could fit with some modification maybe! it was just a little too wide).

This one comes with a basket that looks like it's the same 15g basket that came with my machine.
(I got my Europiccola used, so not sure if it's the original basket or not, but I believe it is)
Looks like there IS room for a slightly larger / deeper basket so that it would be more flush with the bottom of the portafilter, which would be nice. .

For my main 58mm group machine, the Rocket naked Portafilter has no sharp edges on the inside or out, so that's nicer in my opinion (even though no wood on that) I think it was also cheaper (for a larger portafilter!) BUT I did get this Europiccola one on sale for a good price here, so it was cheaper for me at least.

This satisfies my main reasons for getting it though, it gives me more space underneath without the spouts in the way, and most importantly unlike the other portafilter my machine came with, this one has retention springs so the whole basket doesn't come out if you put the portafilter upside-down, it holds in and you can knock your coffee puck nicely into a knock box, without having to fish out a hot basket!

Last picture I included was of the 'cheap' naked portafilter, not bad eh?