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Rotary Vane Pump Motor - 130W 230V

by RPM Spa
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This espresso machine external pump motor is the most common rotary vane pump motor model available. This clamp flange rotary pump motor is the 230V 50/60 Hz version, however it is available in this 110V model as well. The power supply cord comes with male molex pin terminals, but no connector.

In many cases, older espresso machine equipment will have the rotary vane pump motor mounted outside of the espresso machine, where as with most newer equipment the motor will be mounted on the inside.

It has been said that: "When diagnosing motor related problems, be sure to check the capacitor before committing to a pump replacements. If the motor spins up to speed with the pump removed, especially if you give it a little spin start with a screw driver, the pump is likely fine and the capacitor (which starts the motor) is bad."



Power 130w 230v 50hz
Capacitor 5 µf