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Victoria Arduino Leather Handle and Nanotech Double Portafilter OEM (Special Order)


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This is a special order item. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks (typically) for the item to be processed prior to shipping.

OEM portafilter without spring, basket or spout. 

The nanotech portafilter is treated internally and externally with a non-stick coating made of nanoquartz. This coating is food safe and resistant against most chemicals. It eliminates any metal taste, increases resistance to corrosion and provide a perfect non-stick surface.  The result is a cleaner cup and of course the portafilter is much easier to clean. Also features a leather wrapped handle.

This is the ultimate portafilter for your Nuova Simonelli or Victoria Arduino commercial models. 

Spout connection: ø 3/8"
Handle fitting: M10
Fins: 7mm


Part number Manufacturer
CVA.17 Ascaso
1165095 LF
98005004 Nuova Simonelli
98005022 Nuova Simonelli
98005024 Nuova Simonelli
98005024.PN Nuova Simonelli
98005024 Victoria Arduino
98005024.PN Victoria Arduino