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Cafelat E61 All-In-One Stainless Steel Portafilter

by Cafelat
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The new Cafelat all-in-one portafilter (International Patents Pending) is the first and only portafilter that is both regular and naked.   Not only that but's it made entirely of stainless steel making it stronger, thermally stable and easier to clean than the standard chrome covered brass portafilters. 

Taste the difference a portafilter can make. The barista can watch the coffee brew right from the bottom of the filter basket and immediately know if channeling occurs, signaling that a level tamp was not made, which makes this an invaluable tool for training and perfecting your espresso shots.

What is included:
  • Stainless steel body with handle and portafilter spring
  • Bottom plate with silicone o-ring, a spout and a fixing grub screw
  • 2mm allen key for fixing the grub screw
  • Bottom plate spare silicone o-ring
  • E61 8mm silicone group gasket
  • E61 8.5mm silicone group gasket



Still not convinced that you should own a bottomless portafilter?  Have a look at this great article by Perfect Daily Grind.


Note: The bottomless option does not include the bottom plate, silicone o-rings, grub screw and allen key.