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BUNDLE & SAVE! Save 10% off of any grinder when buying an espresso machine. Automatically applied at checkout.

Coffee Sensor E61 Group Head Thermometer

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The Coffee Sensor E61 Group Head Thermometer will allow you to measure the temperature of the brew water just before it hits the coffee puck as well as the idle water temperature. 

This tool is also great for adjusting the cooling flush on HX machines.  The sensor is located approximately 1.25″ above the puck which means that there will be a difference of approximately  2 degrees Celsius between the reading and the exact temperature of the water hitting the puck. 

This kit contains everything you need and is easy to install on any exposed E61 group head with a M6 purge screw.  



  • Single body stainless steel adapter. 
  • Digital thermometer with Celsius / Fahrenheit switch button.
  • Includes 2 copper washers (one spare), battery, Allen key, wrench and installation instructions



The installation of the Coffee Sensor Thermometer is simple and does not require any special tools.  Simply remove the Allen screw located on the front of the group head and replace it with the thermometer.

No need for Teflon tape, sealant, cutting or any modifications. Everything you need to install the thermometer is in the box.  Please make sure the E61 coffee machine is turned off and cooled down prior to instlling the thermometer.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
P.N. (Toronto, ON)
5/5! Works perfectly and easy to install

Highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to hone their espresso making craft :)

Andrzej Borowiec (Montreal, QC)
Very, very handy

The thermometer itself is nothing fancy but well made, easy to install and above all very, very useful. The PID offset on my machine was wrong resulting in 8 degree C difference between temperature given in the table and measured at the head. Now it is actually possible to experiment with brew temperature and asses repeatability and stability of the machine. In addition the package come with some extra sweets which was appreciated by my kids.

Tom (Montreal, QC)
Changed my coffee game

I didn’t know i needed it until i saw how off my brew temperature was. This was a necessary add-on for my heat exchanger machine allowing for temperature surfing instead of temperature guessing. Easy to install and works great. Auto-turn off is handy too.

Tony ILLIG (Montreal, QC)
Good addition to my ECM Giotto

Works better and is more accurate than the liquid crystal stick on labels.
The ECM manual says you can start brewing when the pressure gauge reads 1.2 bars. That's nonsense, the brew head will still be cold.
Using this thermometer one can see that it takes about 20 minutes for an E61 brew head to come to the correct temperature for brewing, in my case this is an original ECM Giotto.