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Coffee Sensor Flow Control Device For E61 Groupheads

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The Coffee Sensor flow control device allows the user to vary the amount of water flowing through the group head with a special needle valve that goes up or down. allowing the user to profile the extractions.  Variable flow control allows for lengthy pre-infusion for more even saturation and extraction of your espresso.

The included pressure gauge will allow you to measure the pressure going through the group head during the brewing process.  It screws right into the front of the group head instead of the M6 Allen screw

The coffee sensor flow control device is compatible with most Profitec, ECM, Rocket, Lelit, Bezzera and other machines using an E61 group head.

Kit includes:

  • Stainless steel flow device main body;
  • Two different designed handles, made for 100% compatibility with most E61 machine on the market;
  • Group pressure gauge ( 0 -16 bar);
  • New bottom group spring to cut pre infusion;
  • Full installation and servicing kit for the flow device.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Jake Taylor (Toronto, ON)

    Installing this on my ECM Electronika Profi ii this weekend. These guys always send candy its amazing, Since my first purchase here I am strickly shopping with coffee addicts from here forward. Thank you!!

    Jean-François Deshaies (Sherbrooke, QC)
    Game changer

    Easy to install.
    The flow control device let’s you control the way you brew your espresso like never before.
    If making your espresso is part of the fun for you (and not just drinking it) then you should get one as your pleasure will be heightened!

    André Avon (Saint-Colomban, QC)
    Flow profile on Appartemento

    Really like this, I enjoy making my shots with this, probably not as smooth as the paddle on a Bianca but it does the job, nice to use different profiles for different coffees, no regrets!

    Nick with an Izzo Duetto 3 / Mazzer Mini combo (Vancouver, BC)
    Awesome improvement

    This flow sensor allows me to pull shots that rival the best coffee houses. With a good bean, clean machine, dual boiler, properly ground, proper espresso weight I can enjoy consistently an exceptional espresso shot. Coffee Addicts were great to answer questions and shipped overnight. Faster than Amazon Prime. And there was a thank you note and treats in the package. What treats you ask. Order and I am sure you will find out. Thank you.