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Gicar RL30/1E/2C/F 230/240V - Auto-fill Level Control Unit (Special Order)


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This is a special order item. 
Please allow 1 - 2 weeks (typically) for the item to be processed prior to shipping

Gicar code Auto-fill level regulator RL30/1E/2C/F 230/240V 



Part number Manufacturer
W10913 Ascaso
18045  Astoria CMA
9V8340  De Vecchi Giuseppe 
400.530  Fast Ricambi 
402.332  Fast Ricambi
5008003000  Gaggia
LA050 La Marzocco
1054571  LF 
703018  Nuova Ricambi
W10913  Wega
WY18045  Wega