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BUNDLE & SAVE! Save 10% off of any grinder when buying an espresso machine. Automatically applied at checkout.

IMS Nanotech Series Shower Screen 55mm (GA 200 NT)

by IMS

IMS Nanotech Series precision shower screen features a nanoquartz coating  that improves water distribution, reduces corrosion and increases chemical resistance for a better, more consistent extraction. The integrated 200µm membrane is created directly within the body of the shower; making cleaning easier and reducing blockages.

Warning: Do not over-tighten the screw as it might warp the screen and cause channeling


Compatible with machines from the following manufacturers:

Gaggia - Saeco 



  • 200 µm Integrated Membrane
  • External diameter: 55mm
  • Center hole: 5mm
  • Number of holes: 98
  • Holes diameter: 3mm
  • AISI 316 stainless steel - food-safe certified
  • Made in Italy



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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michael De Minico (Montreal, QC)
Excellent upgrade

Upgraded my Gaggia Classic Pro/Baratza Sette 270. Highly recommended upgrade!

Mendi Yuda (Maple Ridge, BC)
Fits great

Looks good and was easy to fit to my GCP.
Not sure if you can feel the difference with the stock when just running water through, as the "rain effect" qas already noticeable, but it did increase flow rate when pulling a shot and allowed to grind finer.
Pairs well with baristapro IMS baskets.

Great service as always!

A Khan (Halifax, NS)
A believer

My OEM screen started to "taco" and I'm not sure why. I never tightened it too much, but I needed a new one either way. Thought I'd try this one out as I was updating the OEM basket to IMS too and I have to say its been great. Great shower and no channelling noticed in the last few weeks of use. Up to you to decide if it's worth the upgrade to you, but it was for us and it's also a pleasure to clean with its coating!

Ricardo Neto (Hamilton, ON)
Amazing quality.

Helped me solve a dispersion issue I had with this old coffee Gaggia. It only has one dispersion hole in the group head. Made a sandwich with the old one on the machine and the new IMS nanotech one on the outside. No more channelling. Looks like a wonderful rainfall now. Thank you Samantha for the great customer care.