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BUNDLE & SAVE! Save 10% off of any grinder when buying an espresso machine. Automatically applied at checkout.

3/8 BSP Female x 3/8 Compression Male


So are you having trouble finding a fitting to connect your European espresso machine to American plumbing? This is THE part you will need to install espresso machines in America. More than likely because male threads for water inlet on 99% of commercial European espresso machines are 3/8" BSPP. (3/8 BSPP will measures 5/8 " ~ 16.5 mm NOT the same as NPT.) If you need more info on understanding BSPP the nerds over at wiki do a good job:

The male threads coming out of your wall are more than likely 3/8" compression. You can purchase a long enough 3/8" x 3/8" compression hose to go from your wall to this fitting, which would thread onto the male water inlet connection on your machines pump.

This fitting is a universal piece, however for sealing you may select either a copper or PTFE gasket the be installed between this fitting and the male pump fitting.

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Customer Reviews

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Cheng Lin (London, ON)
Not working well with BWT filter

I will call this product adapters for clarity. Bought these to plumb in the BWT besthead filter which has standard 90 degree 3/8 bsp fittings. I wield hoping to use these to adapt to the compression fittings. However elbow part of the 90 degree fitting prevents these adapters from screwing all the way up. As such the bsp fittings cannot compress the I ring to form water tight seal. I then used telflon tape but the usually 3-6 turns are insufficient. About 12 turns are needed to stop any water leaking through.

Garett Greekas (Calgary, AB)
Always have the parts we need BSP to Compression

We can always count on Marc and the team to have a solution for us. Much appreciated everyone.

Cory Grant (Vancouver, BC)
BSP to compression adapter

This fitting was the ONLY thing I could find to solve the problem after a lot of trying! A coffee shop in the IS makes a conversion kit with John Guest fittings however, they don’t ship to Canada…while this fitting works it seems it could use some easy refinement to solve another problem it created. That being the female bsp threaded side is too deep which wouldn’t allow the male bsp fitting on my hose to form an end seal. I couldn’t find, despite a lot of trying, to find a suitable end washer or seal or polycarbonate washer to solve the problem. I ended up putting pipe dope on it and a few wraps of teflon tape to finally get a seal that I thing still has a very very small leak. The threads on the adapter are a bit coarsely made compared to the fitting that came with the machine and it’s hard to get a tight seal. So, either refine the fitting a bit or provide a washer for inside the bsp side of the fitting.

yoann (Laval, QC)
What I needed

Perfect, I was stuck for weeks unable to match my 3/8" (European water filter) with the 3/8" water supply. Finally found the right one.