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Asso Coffee The Jack Leveler

Color: Black
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Note: Wood colors are painted aluminum and not real wood.

The Asso Coffee Jack coffee leveler is a both a distribution tool and tamper all in one.  This distribution tool is used to groom the coffee in your portafilter quickly and easily. With the Jack, you can expect a much easier time getting a consistent and level tamp, removing one of the many variables from pulling the perfect shot. Using a distribution tool will also reduce the risks of channeling.

The depth at which you level the grounds in your portafilter is adjustable to the millimeter, with each setting clicking into place and locking in for consistent results. To distribute and tamp, simply place the Jack on top of your portafilter and spin, adjust height as needed. 


  • 58.5mm diameter
  • Weight: ~0.35kg
  • 4 angled fins for distribution
  • Helps ensure even distribution in coffee puck before tamping
  • Adjustable height
  • Base made of stainless steel with aluminum top
  • Manufactured in Italy

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    THE BEST Espresso Tool!

    Tampers are for losers. Perfect pucks and easy extractions every time with the Asso Jack leveler! ;-)


    This device is fantastic!
    Both leveling and tamping are achieved. Your shots are going to be much more consistent. Not only that..
    but spinning it in your portafilter is a blast!
    Btw Coffee Addicts were super quick and courteous.
    Highly recommended

    Worth it

    It was an impulse buy but now that I've used it a few weeks, I'm definitely happy I did. I won't say my Espresso taste better but I enjoy it as part of my workflow. I was happy with my cheapo leveler till I tried a nicer leveler tool. I was happy with that one until I used the Jack Leveler and would certainly recommend one as a treat to yourself.

    Wow such quality

    I was a little hesitant buying the Asso The Jack Leveler because it costs much more than most other levelers but I'm glad I made the purchase. I have 2 other levelers but The Jack Leveler is in a class of it's own IMO. The click method of adjusting the depth is accurate and easy to get it just right. I bought the dark wood finish model and was impressed with the rubber feel of the tool, but most importantly it works great and gives me a consistent level puck every time with no tamping required.