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Boiler Safety Valve - 3/8" 2.0bar CE-PED

by LF

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Comes with factory certification that the valve will open in the event of a boiler over-pressurizing. Set to open at 2.0 bar. This is the most common size thread, but is by no means used in all makes and models; some use a smaller 1/4" version and some a larger 1/2" version.  

  • calibration pressure 2.0 bar
  • steam outlet flowrate 43.3 Kg/h
  • viton seal
  • operating temperature -30/+160°C
  • CE/PED certified valve
  • Made in Italy



Part number Manufacturer
438-926-030  Cimbali
537-047-400 Cimbali
2211091884  Faema
2211131903  Faema
438926030  Faema
537047400  Faema
1515031 LF