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BUNDLE & SAVE! Save 10% off of any grinder when buying an espresso machine. Automatically applied at checkout.
BUNDLE & SAVE! Save 10% off of any grinder when buying an espresso machine. Automatically applied at checkout.

DF64 ELR Single Dose Coffee Grinder

by DF64

Finally an affordable and capable single dose grinder

Dubbed the Niche Zero killer for a reason, the DF64 has all the features that coffee enthusiasts around the world have been asking for.  It combines large 64mm Italian made burrs with a powerful 250W motor to deliver consistency, minimum clumping and a fluffy grind that is usually only found in grinders double its price. 

The DF64 was designed with espresso in mind, but it is also very capable in the pour-over range.  The extremely low retention (ELR), compact size and stepless adjustment make it a perfect grinder for any home setup. 

This is definitely a great option if you're looking for the best single dose grinder in Canada!


This is the latest version of the grinder that includes:

  1. New de-clumper design
  2. Included metal dial indicator
  3. Improved burr carrier
  4. Silicone burr seals
  5. New font on adjustment dial


Upgrade to SSP burrs for even better results!


  • Single dosing: No hopper design combined with the blowing hopper means no stale coffee; only put in the exact amount of beans needed.
  • Italian made 64mm flat burrs: Choose between the standard stainless steel burrs or the long lasting titanium burrs.  
  • Extremely low retention (ELR): The DF64 has <1g of retention, 0.2g dose variance and <0.3g exchange; ranking it amongst the best grinder available on the market.
  • Stepless Micrometric Adjustments: Unlimited adjustments with the stepless adjustment collar.
  • Easy to clean:  Simply unscrew the collar all the way to access and clean the burrs.
  • 58mm dosing cup included:  Grind directly into the included dosing cup or into your portafilter.  


Burrs 64mm stainless steel or titanium coated
Adjustments Stepless Micrometric
Motor  110/120V, 250W, 1400 RPM
Dosing Manual
Hopper Capacity 50g  (plus 30g in grinding chamber)
Depth 25.4cm (10")
Height 30.5cm (12")
Width 13.2cm (5.2")
Weight 6.8kg (15lbs)
Made in China,  burrs made in Italy
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year  (supported by Coffee Addicts)
Best suited for Espresso, Pour Over


This grinder is sold under multiple names as the manufacturer allows private labelling.  It is also known as the Turin DF64, G-Iota and Solo. 

Burr type
Color: White
Availability: translation missing: en.general.icons.icon_check_circle icon In stock, ready to be shipped

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Ben (Toronto, ON)
5 Star Value!

The standard DF64 with stock burrs is best for those who want a good higher clarity espresso without high cost. Works well for light & medium roasts and likely dark roasts too, not my thing. The downside is it’s not so ideal for coarser brew methods vs other options.
DF64 Titanium burrs are supposed to be the same but much longer lasting (nothing to really worry about outside of commercial / cafe use, which this grinder isn't meant for!) but they may actually have some grind quality improvements over the plain steel stock burrs. Someone else did a test and preferred the titanium burrs! Steel burrs for home use should last 15-20 years, titanium/ coated burrs 80-100!

SSP HU espresso burrs I didn’t think were too different from the stock burrs, but they do have less fines which is more apparent for coarser brew methods, better aeropress but still not as good as the SSP MP Unimodal burrs would though!

SSP MP Unimodal burrs, are the best for high quality light roasts, they make really punchy high flavour clarity espresso and juicy brew coffee as well. These may take some getting used to since there's very little body, it's more of a tea-like coffee. I believe they may have gotten a bit more balanced after some seasoning.

SSP Cast burrs (lab sweet style) I really didn't love these, they seem like a typical low end conical burr profile, lots of body not much flavour clarity but apparently after 30+lbs of seasoning they MAY get almost as much flavour clarity as the SSP MP burrs which would be amazing if combined with some body and more sweetness and overall better balance, it sounds like it would be the best option, however, I didn’t really want to use them long enough to reach that point and I don't like wasting coffee for seasoning.

I haven't tried it myself but I think the DF64P (and E) seems like a different design from DF64, much closer to the DF83 which seemed to address some common weaknesses and further improve retention; however, this may not be the best option if you want SSP burrs since the grind adjustment mechanism has a very limited range, you need to actually open the bottom of the grinder, and re-calibrate it because the SSP burrs are thicker, It is much easier to install SSP burrs on a standard DF64. However, if coffee addicts has a service to have the SSP burrs installed (even if for a nominal fee), then do it! DF64P also has the limitation of only being for espresso due to limited adjustment range.

DF83 Stock burrs are surprisingly actually lower in flavour clarity but makes up for it with a nice amount of body, and it just makes very smooth and tasty coffee which seems very forgiving and easy to get good results with, it seems more like a good high end conical burr in that way.
I'm tempted to try the SSP 83mm Mazzer burrs (pricey!) which fit the DF83, and look a lot like the SSP 64mm HU espresso burrs, so I assume it would be like an even better version of those, and would give you a lot more flavour clarity!

I've had experience with many DF64s, the latest v4 tries to remedy the little issues that made the grinder a little finicky or in some situations less consistent or reliable. I haven't had this latest V4 for very long, but it seems they have made some good improvements. The new declumper similar to the DF83s declumper seems to work well and holds back less coffee.

I've mostly had V2's and noticed some variations in quality control between different ones, some silicon de-clumpers seemed hold back more & possibly regrinding, causing more fines, while most of mine were well behaved, I've had a few that had slight issues so it's something to watch for. I never had one completely fail or anything, they've all still made pretty good coffee even the less well-behaved ones.

The Eureka Oro SD (1.1 / updated version) is a good alternative, although I was disappointed originally with the first edition which I assumed being from a reputable grinder manufacturer that it would have good quality control and work as promised, but really didn't seem any better built or nicer to use than the DF64! Since that initial release, on the 1.1 they improved the design and lowered retention on the Oro SD, however I feel it's definitely more consistent (and much better workflow) WITHOUT using the bellows, the tiny bit of retention (probably under 0.5g, and negligible) is worth having a consistent dosing in/out amount! The Specialita was similar in that regard, I'm not sure Eureka and bellows really go together well! I don't want to mess with a bellows anyway, and the Oro SD worked well that way for me. Eureka has an odd burr size so less burr options are available although SSP is making some soon!

With DF64 the bellows is better designed and works well (vs the Eureka Oros), and I think it's more necessary to use with this grinder, although with v4 DF64 I could be wrong about that... maybe something to experiment with.
The DF83 I believe IS low enough retention to use without...

Samuel Legge (Mountain View, CA)
Love it so far!

This machine seems to do exactly what I want it to do. I can verify that the quality of the espresso I'm making on a regular basis has vastly improved over my $200 espresso machine.

Trojans (Nepean, ON)
Great Grinder - Does What It's Supposed To

Great value! Great grinder! Simple operation, fast, quiet, quality build, excellent retention rate (more on this later). Solid cast aluminum construction throughout. Easy to clean. Easy to disassemble for maintenance. Purchased with stainless steel burrs.

Because of the declumper that was included with this version of the grinder, there is room to reduce retention even further (upgraded declumper is coming with the next version of the grinder). A modified declumper was fashioned (not 3D printed because of potential food hazard issues) and makes this grinder just right.

Used exclusively for espresso. Espresso machine is La Pavoni Stradivari with brass group head sleeve and boiler insert also purchased through Coffee Addicts.

Once again Coffee Addicts comes through with great service and quick shipping. But I miss the candy surprise ;-)

Ayal Taitler (Toronto, ON)
Great grinder

I ordered the Titanium burrs, and happy with it. The grinder is descent for the price as is. When adding a few small tweaks (can be found easily on the web) it becomes amazing.
I added the dialer ring, anti popcorn, and a tilted high cup holder. Now the grinder area is clean and the workflow is excellent. This grinder is highly recommended!
Coffee addicts shipped fast, and even threw some candies in the box :)