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E&B Lab Super Fine Double Portafilter Basket - 18/20g

by E&B Lab
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The E&B Lab Super-Fine (SF) filter comes from the idea of creating a filter with a higher filtration power than the standard 250 to 350 μm.  The Super-Fine filter has a filtration capacity of 170-μm that is achieved by combining a 170 μm membrane with IMS holing technology.  The number and distribution of the holes are designed to support the filtering membrane and balance the flow.

Suitable for standard portafilters accepting a 58/58.4mm tamper base.


  • Border  Ø70mm (B70)
  • Capcaty: 2 cup (2T)
  • Height  28 mm (H28)
  • Body: Ridgeless Ø60 mm for Ø58/58.4mm tamper
  • Capacity 18/20g
  • Perforated area: 40mm
  • 565 holes combined with 170μm super fine filtering membrane
  • IMS B702TH28SF


Will fit most:

Ascaso, Astoria, Bezzera, BFC, Bianchi, Brasilia, Casadio, Conti, E61 Groups, ECM, Elektra, Expobar, Faemo, Fiorenzato, Fracino, Futurmat, Grimac, Iberital, Kees van der Westen, Magister, Marzocco, Nuova Era, Orchestrale, Pavoni, Promac, Quality Espresso, Rancilio, Rocket, Royale, Sab Italia, San Remo, Scala, Simonelli, Slayer, SV Italia, Synesso, VFA Expres, Vibiemme, Victoria Arduino, Wega