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E61 Group Jet (0.6mm orifice)

by LF

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E61 group jet (gicleur).  M6 x 0.75, 0.6mm orifice.

Also available with 0.7mm  and 0.8mm orifice.



Part number Manufacturer
CSC..1 Ascaso
V..406 Ascaso
30200060  Expobar
30200061  Expobar
4151135890  Faema
02446706  Futurmat-Ariete 
1201600005 Grimac
F213  Grimac
P260  Grimac
VBM086 Grimac
W528  Grimac
19377 Iberital
21609  Iberital
267 Iberital
1501566 LF
BM-5157  Marcfi-Ancas 
524467 Nuova Ricambi
314068 Pavoni
RACCGIES7 Vibiemme
W10308  Wega