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Espresso Parts Design 5 Espresso Tamper

Color: Black

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Espresso Parts introduces a brand new espresso tamp handle design, the Espresso Parts Design 5.

Design 5's smooth and compact design offers it's barista non-stop comfort and usability even during the long shifts. Since it's inception this espresso tamp has quietly gained popularity with many of the industry's top barista. The tamper piston is professionally machine milled stainless steel and is available in your choice of a flat or convex tamp piston in the following stock sizes: 58mm and 57mm. 

When attached to the heavier stainless steel base the lighter weight handle provides a proper mass ratio between the two which results in an exceptional feeling of balance. The Design 5 tamper come with a choice of various wood handles or anodized aluminum.

The aluminum handles are beautifully anodized with a silky matte finish in the specified color allowing long lasting durability and grandeur. This is one of the nicest most natural feeling handles on the market. Fits all Espresso Parts coffee/espresso tamp piston bases.  Anodizing is an Electrolytic Passivation (Electroplating) process used to increase the thickness and density of the natural oxide layer on the surface. Anodized finishes are generally much stronger and more adherent than most paints platings, and powder coats making them less likely to crack and peel. Anodizing increases corrosion resistance and wear resistance.