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Espresso Parts HQ 21+g Triple Ridgeless Basket


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This 21+ gram portafilter basket is shaped like Espresso Parts ever popular "Marzocco" Double 14 gram ridgeless basket, the basket that everyone raves as one of their favorites. We think this version is even better. It stands at 28mm tall, so it will only fit portafilters that can accept a tall triple basket. It is easier to list which portafilters it will not fit. For example, it will not fit any portafilter included with an espresso machine that has the "Espresso Italiano" certification. So sorry, no go with the newer Astoria or Wega "ergonomic" portafilters because they are "Espresso Italiano" certified, and are designed intentionally to only accept a 12-gram basket. It also will not fit in La Cimbali, La San Marco, and La Spaziale because of their narrow diameter portafilters. It will fit in the Rancilio new version portafilters, but just barely.  Please make sure that you measure your portafilter depth to ensure  it can accept a 28mm tall basket.  A bottomless portafilter may be required.

The final process used in the fabrication of the baskets may be the most important. The inside bottom of the baskets receives the final cleaning using a laser to remove any jagged edges from the perforation process and leaves a distinct sunburst pattern. The end result is that every hole in the basket is clear of metal debris and are of equal size and shape, which allows for a more even distribution of water throughout the extraction.

We are excited to offer these quality created baskets and we think you will agree that the results are in the cup!