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Flange Rotary Vane Pump Motor - 150W 220V (Special Order)

by RPM Spa

This is a special order item. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks (typically) before shipping.

This is a 220V 50hz bolt flange rotary pump motor to be used in combination with a bolt flange pump.

It has been said that: "When diagnosing motor related problems, be sure to check the capacitor before committing to a pump replacements. If the motor spins up to speed with the pump removed, especially if you give it a little spin start with a screw driver, the pump is likely fine and the capacitor (which starts the motor) is bad."

Power 150w 220v 50hz
Capacitor 10 µf



Part number Manufacturer
F.1354  Ascaso
F.1865 Ascaso
V..237  Ascaso
530298120  Casadio
530-298-120 Cimbali
1000091851  Faema
2441133416  Faema
530298120  Faema
V021  Grimac
6064 Iberital
1240701 LF

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