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Flowmeter Voltage Connector

by Gicar

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Connector for Gicar flowmeters.

The female voltage terminal slots are spaced at 9.5 mm from left to right and the center ground wire terminal slot is 3.25 mm above these.


Part number Manufacturer
V..377  Ascaso
18112  Astoria CMA
7631501  Bezerra
7631505  Bezerra
09013.0.00.08  Brasilia
09013.2.00.08  Brasilia
0901300008  Brasilia
9V116 De Vecchi Giuseppe
400.256  Fast Ricambi  Gicar
V244  Grimac
9686  Iberital
1455033  LF
615978/T  Nuova Ricambi
9006124  Reneka