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Fluid-O-Tech Rotoflow Rotary Vane Water Pump (200L/h)


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Standard brass body Rotoflow® (Fluidotech) brand clamp flange rotary vane water pump.  The most common pump style used in commercial espresso machines. This pump is used in combination with the standard pump motor. Includes clasp. Will not fit all makes and or models (such as the La Marzocco GS3) because of the length.

  • clamp connection
  • flowrate 200 L/h (approx. 53 GPH)
  • equipped with bypass
  • maximum static pressure 18bar
  • fitting ø 3/8" GAS (BSP)
  • Length without pin 82.5mm
  • N.S.F. approved.



Part number Manufacturer
V.3241  Ascaso
26303  Astoria CMA
04321.4.00.08 Brasilia
04321.4.00.09  Brasilia
5002153 BFC
533191600  Cimbali
9V36  De Vecchi Giuseppe 
004236 Egro
043700 Egro
500.064  Fast Ricambi 
500.454  Fast Ricambi 
PA0154AGANN0000 Fluid O Tech
07822109  Futurmat-Ariete 
07822109  Gaggia Spagna 
1220100007  Grimac
V509/1  Grimac
408 Iberital 
07822109  Italcrem
L290/1 La Marzocco
1330002  LF
1330008  LF
1330026  LF
07822109  Mairali
620406  Nuova Ricambi
620406/2  Nuova Ricambi
700048 Nuova Ricambi
700048/2 Nuova Ricambi
01300006  Nuova Simonelli 
69000285  Promac
69000266  Rancilio
202001  San Marco
10252070A  Sanremo
10252072A  Sanremo
10252072B  Sanremo
01300006  Victoria Arduino 
07822109  Visacrem 
WY26303  Wega