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Hario Skerton Pro Grinder

by Hario
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The classic Skerton hand grinder got a big makeover -- introducing the Hario Skerton Pro.

Among many notable new features, the Skerton Pro includes a sturdy, solid cast handle that streamlines the process of grinding, as well as removing and replacing the new plastic lid.  The Skerton Pro also features a new grind adjustment wheel located on the underside of the body, much like the Mini Mill Slim. No more hassle removing the handle, screw, and lock pin to change grind size - now you can adjust your grind in seconds. Lastly, the Skerton Pro features a wide grip on the body that offers more of a sense of control and stability. Grinding with the Skerton Pro is a pleasure and a noticeably improved experience.

Like the original Skerton, The Skerton Pro features large conical ceramic burrs, and a full range of grind sizes from espresso to french press. The bottom glass bowl holds up to 100g of coffee grounds, but if you need more capacity the body of the Skerton will thread directly onto standard mason jars.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 5 reviews
        Will (Ottawa, ON)
        Performs very well

        I use this exclusively for espresso and it works great. Hand grinding is definitely an exercise in patience, but it keeps one "grounded." The grinder fits not only the handy jar it comes with, but medium mason jars too! Great for multiple beans on the go.

        Donnee (Victoria, BC)
        Great grinder …. But…

        Was super excited to receive the grinder. Coffee Addicts handled the order quickly and efficiently.
        The grinder seems to provide a consistent grind size. So far the grinding arm and handle, silicone cover to decrease jar slippage, and storage jar with lid are all positive elements..
        The problems are not the fault of the grinder, but arthritis in my hands.
        It is challenging to stabilize the jar. The grip needed is too large and when the grinding catches on beans, that hurts both hands. I like a fine grind for espresso which may be increasing my problem. Have not found a way to resolve these issues. Maybe my hands will benefit from the workout! Not yet for sure.
        I wish I had been able to try one out before purchasing. Covid restricted that option.

        Grayson Owen (Calgary, AB)
        Rise and Grind

        Great grinder. More work than I thought it would be for sure, and if you're planning on grinding for espresso you're really going to be in for the long haul, but it's easy to use and is extremely consistent. I'm enjoying my two minute grinding ritual in the mornings now!

        K.R. (Vancouver, BC)
        Great hand grinder at reasonable price point

        I've been using this about a week and am super happy with it. I wanted something quieter than my trusty but noisy Baratza Encore to use when I'm up before the rest of the household.
        Grinds well for pour over and easy to use. I am a woman with small hands and wondered about some reviews I'd seen, but I have no trouble holding it. (I'd prefer a teeny bit smaller but it's not a big issue.) Works by holding on the counter or in my hands.
        This replaces an original Porlex tall hand grinder, which worked well but was really difficult to hold onto and grind because it requires more effort and a strong grip on the slippery grinder to hold it together. I have carpal tunnel/tendonitis issues and really struggled with the original version of the Porlex. This one is much easier.
        For home use, highly recommended. It would be a big and heavy for a travel grinder.