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IMS Nanotech Series Shower Screen E61 (E61 200 NT)

by IMS
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IMS Nanotech Series precision shower screen features a nanoquartz coating  that improves water distribution, reduces corrosion and increases chemical resistance for a better, more consistent extraction. The integrated 200µm membrane is created directly within the body of the shower; making cleaning easier and reducing blockages.


Compatible with machines from the following manufacturers:

Ascaso - Azkoyen - Bezzera - BFC - Bianchi - Brasilia - Casadio - ECM - Expobar - Faema - Faimac - Fiamma Rst - Fiorenzato - Grimac - Iberital - Italcrem - Kees van der Westen - La Nuova Era - Orchestrale - Promac - Quality Espresso - Reneka - Rocket - Royal - Sab Italia - San Remo - Scala - Slayer - SV Italia - VFA Expres - Vibiemme - Victoria Arduino - Wega - E61 Groups



  • 200 µm Integrated Membrane
  • External diameter: 60mm
  • Screen height: 17mm
  • Number of holes: 98
  • Holes diameter: 3mm
  • AISI 316 stainless steel - food-safe certified
  • Made in Italy



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
André Avon (Saint-Colomban, QC)
New shower screen

I had to change the gasket and decided to change the shower screen also I wasn’t expecting improvement it’s just that when you start buying stuff for espresso seems like you can’t stop 🤷‍♂️But this does improve the shot better flow, no residue and even if I didn’t have that much channeling now I have none, so yes it’s worth the money 💰 👍

Really works

if only I could upload pictures; the stock ECM screen basically was a stream right down the middle vs the new IMS screen which is a cascading waterfall all around. and the nanotech works quite well. I got both the basket and shower screen in nanotech and there is definitely a lot less grounds stuck to it.