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iSi Nitro Whip

by iSi
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The NEW no hassle way to create perfect Nitro beverages!

Nitro Brew is on one of the fastest growing trends in coffee today. Now, iSi has created a way to create Nitro Coffee, Nitro Tea, and Nitro Cocktails.  

Adding Nitrogen (N2) to cold brew coffee and cocktails initiates a spectacular cascading effect, making the beverage unique, attractive, and personal. Nitrogen creates a velvety creamy texture and a long lasting foamy head for brews and cocktails. The iSi Nitro allows you to dispense fresh for every serving and the iSi designed closed system allows the brew to remain unchanged for several days in refrigeration.

A simple process for dispensing: just fill the iSi Nitro, charge with one iSi Nitro Charger, shake, and dispense. Watch the engaging swirl and cascade, as the foamy head develops right before your eyes.

Only iSi Nitro Chargers are designed fit with the iSi Nitro. Nitrogen chargers from other manufacturers will not operate the iSi Nitro



  • Capacity: 1L (32oz)
  • Non slip silicone grip on head and charger holder
  • Can infuse coffee, tea, cocktails and more
  • Low set-up cost – no taps, no gas tanks, no space
    requirements, no kitchen area revisions
  • Less maintenance and cleaning than keg system
  • NSF approved
  • Easy to use, easy to train staff



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