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Manual Reset Safety Thermostat 165°C

by Campini

Bi-metal contact thermostat with manual reset. 

165° C (329° F) High limit resettable thermostat cuts power to the element when it senses the unit over-heating. The M4 stud threads into the front of the boiler. These are rated at 1,000 expected electrical cycles.

EXTREME care should be taken when installing this part, as the stud has the potential to break off inside the boiler if over-tightened. It may or may not thread all the way in flush to the boiler, and it doesn't need to: slightly over hand-tight will be sufficient.

We recommend the use of thermal paste (or “grease”) to aid heat transfer between the switch and contact surface by filling in microscopic imperfections in the metal surfaces. It is especially useful for pipe mount applications. Smear some paste on the sensing head of the thermostat switch prior to bolting or clamping down. (Not to be used as a glue)



Part number Manufacturer
R...514 Ascaso
R.1006 Ascaso
08703.2.00.08  Brasilia
9V074  De Vecchi Giuseppe 
C199901549  ECM
00702035  Elektra
390.327  Fast Ricambi
390.372  Fast Ricambi
IS000190  Isomac
MC032 Lelit
1443002  LF
1444806  LF
618964  Nuova Ricambi 
436055  Panovi
34200058  Rancilio
ELETGLDOMM165  Vibiemme 

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