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Rubber Head Gasket 71 x 56 x 9mm

by Ascaso

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An economical alternative to the O.E.M. gasket. 71 x 56 x 9mm. Installed correctly, with the cone sloped side facing down, the beveled edge of the cone shape adds an additional surface for a portafilter basket to seal against.



Part number Manufacturer
C..246  Ascaso
S..418  Ascaso
401261010  Casadio
401261000  Cimbali
401-261-000  Cimbali
401261010  Cimbali
401-261-010  Cimbali
8C49 De Vecchi Giuseppe
401261000  Faema
401261010  Faema
528.035  Fast Ricambi
528.036 Fast Ricambi
C002  Grimac
C010 Grimac
7011 Iberital
1186402  LF
1186701  LF
700623 Nuova Ricambi 
40200004  Nuova Simonelli
40200004 Victoria Arduino