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O-Ring OR 0114 EPDM


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Not only a sight glass o-ring: where other manufactures use copper or paper seals, Nuova Simonelli use this o-ring to seal some metal fittings on their equipment, in addition to their sight glasses. For another example, the ECM (and others) use this as a seal for their steam wand spring seat.



Part number Manufacturer
S..107 Ascaso
00802.0.00.02  Brasilia
401-360-000  Cimbali
9V222V  De Vecchi Giuseppe 
456042  Elettrobar
CGR114  Elettrobar
REB456042  Elettrobar
DM0041/053  Gaggia
WGADM0041/053  Gaggia
22710  Iberital
1186626 LF
02280032  Nuova Simonelli
WGADM0041/053 Saeco
02280032  Victoria Arduino