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Pressurestat XP110 15A 1/4"

by Ma-Ter

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PRESSURE SWITCH XP110 125 0.5-1.2 BAR 1/4". Connection ø 1/4"M - 15A 125/250V, preset 1 bar. It should be noted that these pressurestats were not designed for successive or frequent adjustments, and doing so will significantly shorten the life of the part. It can replace pretty much any 1/4" Mater XP110 switch used in most applications.



Part number Manufacturer
EK.316 Ascaso
9V2696  De Vecchi Giuseppe 
C199900294  ECM
01344035  Elektra
541.143 Fast Ricambi
451306  Isomac
1320545  LF
L271 La Marzocco
451306  Pavoni
451308  Pavoni
C199900294 Rocket