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Rancilio 230V 3000W Two Group Heating Element

by Recor

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This part is specifically manufactured for the two group Epoca and Classe boiler models, but will fit all Rancilio two group models with this triangular flange configuration.

The S and Z series in the past used elements with threaded electrical terminals. These are obsolete and out of production. The element is a suitable replacement for old models, but requires rewiring to accept spade terminals. Additionally, in some models there was a threaded orifice for the thermostat fitting. Models with this old type of element will need to replace the entire element with the new version thermostat as well.

Does NOT include the gasket.



Part number Manufacturer
R...10 Ascaso
8R114  De Vecchi Giuseppe 
8R13-GP  De Vecchi Giuseppe 
8R14  De Vecchi Giuseppe 
417.010  Fast Ricambi
417.134  Fast Ricambi
417.176 Fast Ricambi
R092 Grimac
1755047  LF
1755182  LF
700303  Nuova Ricambi
33323300 Promac
33322027  Rancilio
33322028  Rancilio
33323300  Rancilio
36322027  Rancilio