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Rhino Spinjet Pitcher Rinser 300mm

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Get a faster, more effective clean and use up to 30% less water with the Spinjet!

The Rhino Coffee Gear RHPR300-S has been designed to fit in the bench of cafes, restaurants, coffee bars, and juice bars. This vessel rinser features a new honeycomb drain tray and a new Actuator Star design, which both help to prevent liquid build-up. It also includes a Rhino Spinjet Valve which sprays and spins at the same time for an effective clean. Sitting at 300mm in length, the RHPR300-S fits multiple milk pitchers and blenders comfortably, making it perfect for all busy hospitality environments.


Effective mechanical cleaning
The Spinjet Valve sprays and spins at the same time creating a more robust mechanical cleaning action than regular rinsing valves. It is ideal for plungers using tea leaves, stubborn coffee grounds, and milk and other residues that can often be difficult to clean. 

Superior drainage
The honeycomb grate design minimizes the surface area of the drain tray, reducing static build-up of liquids and making cleaning easy. 
The low profile body is optimally sloped and angled to ensure effective removal of liquids, reducing common odors caused from static waste. 
A large drain outlet and wide grate-free opening near the drain creates a convenient location to quickly discard larger volumes of liquid.

Larger vessel option
The Actuator Star diameter allows both small and larger vessels to be cleaned easily. 
An ideal add-on for blender jugs and other larger vessels is the Blender Adapter Kit. This kit includes an extension rod and a larger actuator to suit plungers, 
milkshake cups, and popular blender jugs such as Blendtec® and Vitamix®.



  • Dimensions (approx): 238mm (W) x 300mm (L) 85mm (D) approx. (9.38 x 11.8 x 3.35 in) (Depth from drain elbow to top of bench.)
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Drain Hose: 25mm/1" size
  • Flow Rate: 120 lph (31.7 gallons per hour) approx.


Please Note:

  • It is recommended that a Pressure Limiting Valve (PLV, also known as a Pressure Restricting Valve or Water Pressure Regulator) is used when installing on mains water line.
  • Do not cut out bench top surfaces prior to receiving your rinser: Due to slight variations in manufacturing design and the varying requirements of bench materials, it is strongly recommended to have the physical vessel rinser on-hand prior to cutting into bench top surfaces. Coffee Addicts does not take responsibility for errors concerning installation and provides the sizes and dimensions as a layout guide only.
  • The Rhino rinsers are 40mm deep, however, this is without fittings. We recommend at least 150mm of clearance under the bench for basic connection (this includes fall for the drain hose). The actual depth may differ depending on the location of the drain, the location of the water supply, or whether you use an elbow or a straight connector.


How to connect the drain tray and hoses:


How to fix the o-ring to the activation piston:


How to swap the plug and spray mechanism:

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