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Stainless Steel 1/4" Anti-Vacuum Valve

by Gicar

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There are many names for this part, but a brief description should suffice: this valve allows air to escape the boiler as the water heats up, hissing and then closing off when the boiler water reaches its operating temperature, sealed by the steam pressure created. A new gasket when replacing the valve is recommended.


Part number Manufacturer
W..517 Ascaso
7452502 Bezzera
01.00504 Carimali
418911002 Casadio
418911010 Casadio
418-911-002 Cimbali
418-911-010 Cimbali
00200034 Elektra
418911002 Faema
418911010 Faema
FC135 Fracino
WGADM2186 Gaggia
GR733 Grimac
GRC607 Grimac
10062027 Lavazza
BL-2054 Marcfi-Ancas
1523537 LF
1515015 LF
01000023 Nuova Simonelli
452303 Pavoni
A219905510 Rocket
C219900560 Rocket
11330020 RDL
WGADM1286 Saeco
202199 San Marco
10652040 Sanremo
C-0451 Scala
00508 Spaziale
01000023 Victoria Arduino