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Standard 3/8" Open Double Portafilter Spout

by LF

3/8" female threads on to the bottom of the portafilter body. This is the most common version used today, but can be challenging for some to install. Many times the thickness of chrome on either this spout or the threads on the portafilter (or both), varies, and getting the spout to thread on may require more than one attempt. If it will not install far enough, a wrench and a very strong pull should position it over. If it threads on too far PTFE plumbers tape or a gasket may be required.




Part number Manufacturer
F.239 Ascaso
V.1607  Ascaso
27042001  Astoria CMA
7305007TW  Bezzera
4631007  BFC
457304007  Cimbali
457-304-007  Cimbali
4071681 Conti
9V956  De Vecchi Giuseppe 
C229900566  ECM
75000060  Expobar
529.032 Fast Ricambi 
WGA6001023000 Gaggia
14505 Iberital
6574 Iberital
10066290 Lavazza
1022031  LF
1022506  LF
1022507 LF
511672/A  Nuova Ricambi
511674  Nuova Ricambi
06200008  Nuova Simonelli
21100801  Rancilio
9006294 Reneka
WGA6001023000  Saeco
00654  Spaziale
WY27042001  Wega

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