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Standard 3/8" Straight Single Portafilter Spout - Tall

by LF

35mm tall version.  3/8" female threads on to the bottom of the portafilter body.  Many times the thickness of chrome on either this spout or the threads on the portafilter (or both), varies, and getting the spout to thread on may require more than one attempt. If it will not install far enough, a wrench and a very strong pull should position it over. If it threads on too far PTFE plumbers tape or a gasket may be required.



Part number Manufacturer
F..362  Ascaso
000040  Aurora-Brugnetti
7305005  Bezzera
7305006  Bezzera
0003201004  Brasilia
000040  Brugnetti-Aurora 
22.00293.10  Carimali
8CA9  De Vecchi Giuseppe 
75000055  Expobar
529.001  Fast Ricambi
00200303  Futurmat-Ariete
WGA26G0112  Gaggia
00200303  Gaggia Spagna 
F230  Grimac
72 Iberital
00200303  Italcrem
1022503  LF
00200303  Mairali
502003  Nuova Ricambi
615599  Nuova Ricambi
WGA26G0112 Saeco
00200303  Visacrem

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