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Standard Curved 3/8" Single Portafilter Spout

by LF

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3/8" BSP female threads on to the portafilter body. Fits most models/makes. These can be challenging for some to install. Many times the thickness of chrome on either this spout or the threads on the portafilter (or both), varies, and getting the spout to thread on may require more than one attempt. It may also require a bench vice to tighten it enough to achieve the desired orientation.


Part number Manufacturer
F..364 Ascaso
27032  Astoria CMA
27032001 Astoria CMA
A10100  Astra
000040 Aurora-Brugnetti 
7305002  Bezzera
4631112 BFC
00056.0.00.04  Brasilia
0005600004  Brasilia
000040 Brugnetti-Aurora 
22.00786.CR Carimali
95.01876  Carimali
4822130117  Cimbali
405145 Conti
8F34 De Vecchi Giuseppe 
01308021  Elektra
4822130085  Faema
4822130117  Faema
529.003 Fast Ricambi 
A2200025  Fiorenzato C.s
08128200  Futurmat-Ariete 
WGAAS0146/CL  Gaggia
08128200  Gaggia Spagna
1200200015  Grimac
A036 Grimac
A2200025  Grimac
AS081 Grimac
BF060  Grimac
F233 Grimac
FS181  Grimac
G270 Grimac
GR769  Grimac
M111 Grimac
P091  Grimac
SM265 Grimac
6115 Iberital
90077  Iberital
3110294  Isomac
08128200  Italcrem
L115 La Marzocco
10061989  Lavazza
1022501 LF
210063  Magister
08128200  Mairali
BJ-5352 Marcfi-Ancas 
630085  Nuova Ricambi
700024 Nuova Ricambi
07300092  Nuova Simonelli
3110294  Pavoni
21102513 Promac
21102511  Rancilio
21102513 Rancilio
WGAAS0146/CL Saeco
205494  San Marco
10052080  Sanremo
FILTBEC1T  Vibiemme
07300092  Victoria Arduino 
08128200  Visacrem
W10670  Wega
WY27032  Wega
WY27032001  Wega