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O-Ring 0115 EPDM

by LF

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There are many applications for this o-ring, most of them having to do with various  manufacturers steam wands.

O-ring 0115 Epdm
Thickness 2.62 Mm - Internal Ø 11.91mm



Part number Manufacturer
P..479  Ascaso
R...80  Ascaso
7496073  Bezzera
87.00006.00.19  Carimali
8R27 De Vecchi Giuseppe 
1110800104  Grimac
MG701  Grimac
R201  Grimac
20548 Iberital
90187 Iberital
1186805  LF
02280004  Nuova Simonelli
465108  Pavoni
36404001  Promac
36404001  Rancilio
A449904334 Rocket
10402063A  Sanremo
02280004 Victoria Arduino