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Two-Pole Lever Switch 16A 250V

by Kedu

Two-pole lever switch 16A 250V



Part number Manufacturer
60900080 Expobar
3319714 LF
A199906002 Rocket
A199904992 Rocket

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
MLee (Richmond Hill, ON)
Great Service

Exceed all expectations for order fulfillment. Top recommendation for online experience and shipping. Thank you for the tremendous service.

Dan Joseph (Tatamagouche, NS)

Hi guys, I received my order today and was overwhelmed by the "Thank you Dan" card inside and candy treats that I haven't had for decades!
I own one of the most awarded restaurants in Halifax and it has been around for 29 years and has become an institution.
We did great though Covid without much concern, despite the challenges. It came down to "customer loyalty" and above average service.
One of the main reasons is, I realized early in life that it's all in the details. It's going the extra mile for your customer. The things you're not expected to do.
I'm glad there are some of us still left in a world that puts so little on customer service. I have a Rocket R58 at home and it makes me smile every morning!
(except when the switch relationship is perfect. :) but this relationship has been one of the happiest I've had in my life! LOL. Anyway, I really wanted you to know that these things work and how much I appreciated the little touches and as a result, I will ALWAYS go to you first if I need anything coffee related. Great job and I wish you the best of success!