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E61 Group Head Gasket (73x57x8.5mm)

by LF

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This gasket measures 73 x 57 x 8.5mm.

Also available in 8mm, 9mm and 10mm as well as in silicone in 8mm and 8.5mm.

If your portafilter is worn and no longer engaging at 6 o'clock, you can try a thicker gasket than what you normally use.


Part number Manufacturer
F.1705 Ascaso
12226  Astoria CMA
12228  Astoria CMA
2710  Conti
75000083 Expobar
A1200006 Fiorenzato
01652809 Futurmat-Ariete
01652809  Gaggia
1110600016  Grimac
F016 Grimac
10262 Iberital
01652809  Italcrem
10084239  Lavazza
1186723 LF
01652809  Mairali
10502032  Sanremo
01652809  Visacrem