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Rancilio Factory Cut Bottomless Portafilter (OEM)

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Factory cut, Original Equipment Manufacture bottomless portafilter, direct from Rancilio. These will fit any model of Rancilio (yes, the Silvia too), and any size Rancilio basket or other baskets that accept tamper bases of 58 mm or less. It comes with the Rancilio 40100096 ~21 + gram triple basket.

Customer Reviews

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Dani Calgary (Calgary, AB)
addicted to espresso

Heard about the bottomless "invention" and had to have it.
Pro: definitely easy to clean, quick warm, lots of cream...and I mean lots... and I assume because is cleaner it has a better taste.
Con: you need a larger cup as there is some splashing and we don't want to lose the precious black liquid, right?!

Michael Dh. (Halifax, NS)
Rancillio Bottomless Portafilter

Warmup times have shortened as there is less portafilter to bring up to temp. The portafilter stay cleaner as there isn’t actually any coffee coming into contact with it. The Triple basket that comes with this portafilter is a bonus and if you like LOTS of espresso in your morning shot, this is the one for you.

Kevin Jardine (Victoria, BC)
Hours of enjoyment!

The naked portafilter adds another dimension to making that perfect shot. It allows you to see quality of the puck and control for that important variable, which is something otherwise largely not possible with a double spout PF. Equally important is the satisfaction of watching the dark nectar slowly reveal itself and, ideally, coalesce into a single stream of viscous coffee essence. Highly recommended.

Stephanie (Nelson, BC)
Great Product!

We love this portafilter. Perfect pours every time.