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BUNDLE & SAVE! Save 10% off of any grinder when buying an espresso machine. Automatically applied at checkout.

Rancilio Silvia Expansion/Over Pressure Valve (OPV) Complete

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Complete new version Rancilio Silvia Expansion/OPV Valve, adjustable up to 10 Bar. Comes with 2 x OPV Valve Copper Gaskets. Does not include the 1/8" M compression fitting or nut. The new version (post 2008) Silvia's come with a flexible stainless steel hose that has a male thread on one end that threads directly into the valve. They no longer use the compression type fittings. You may reuse your original compression fitting and nut, or purchase a new one



Part number Manufacturer
R.1691 Ascaso
5032501  LF
10060406  Rancilio

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Greig Hutton
Rancilio Silva OPV Valve

A new OPV valve instantly solved a problem I had been having on my 10 year old Sivia (steam by-pass to the water reservoir). Now the pressure is back to the correct range and it works just like new.

Stephen van Egmond (Dundas, ON)
Fix for endlessly circulating water

The symptom I had was that, while pulling a shot (or just running the steam wand motor) that water would circulate out of the overflow tube back into the tank. This was, at best, a dribble before.

With the right tools this is probably easy. You will need small adjustable wrenches or a metric fixed-wrench set and needle-nose pliers to help remove the small hose from the barb.

Removing old piece:
0. Remove top of machine, remove retaining plate for water tank.
1. Remove hose clamp from plastic hose, pull hose off barb.
2. Use two wrenches two remove the reinforced line. One holds the line, the other unscrews the nut.
3. Remove the old valve by using a wrench on the hex shaped portion of its body. The old valve will turn itself out, you will need to loosen other components and wires to make this easy.

4. Place thin washer in new valve.
5. Follow reverse instructions to reassemble. Recommend using plumber's tape on the threads.

Reza Saghazadeh (Aurora, ON)

Received the parts, nice, thanks

David Fenske (Saskatoon, SK)
Old Silvia Upgraded

I installed this new adjustable OPV on my older (~2005) Silvia, as the old OPV was no longer holding good pressure. I bought the portafilter pressure gauge kit with it and adjusted the new valve for 9 bar. The result is the best espresso this machine has ever made (and it was very good before the original OPV gave out). The only slight issue was that the new OPV tightened into a bad position on the older boiler and I had to use one of the copper washers provided with the new OPV and really squash it to get the angle right.
Shipping for this order was practically instantaneous and deliver was next business day.
Thanks, Coffee Addicts!