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Rancilio Silvia 110V Boiler & Heating Element

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Rancilio has once again updated the Silvia boiler. This new version still comes complete with the brass boiler tank and element assembled, but the 110V, 800W element is now made of stainless steel and is removable. 

The elements are threaded and keyed, meaning that they can be installed and tightened with ease, using the included fixing nut.  They also include a wiring extension kit and the boiler to group o-ring.

Now also available to order separately the:

This part does not come with the thermostats. If you have the old version where the male connecting fitting for the Over Pressure Valve fitting is not removable. Rancilio discontinued the "kit", until they assign a new number for it that includes this updated boiler and element assembly. For now, all of the parts are sold separately:


Here follows the technical press release from Rancilio's infotech department, issued 08/2013:

"The boiler on the Silvia machine will be modified in July. The new boiler will still be brass but will accommodate a new type of heating element. The new heating element is steel, unlike the previous model which was copper. If the machine is used with a partially full boiler the steel heating element is more resilient than the copper. The heating element will be screwed to the boiler, and not welded, and a Garlock gasket (code 36220023) has also been added to ensure a better hold. This gasket is also used on the professional machines and is made with material that is resistant to high temperatures. To replace the old model of boiler you need the new boiler complete with the steel heating element (code 10705636 for the 110v version, and 10705637 for the 230v version). If you wish, you can also order the heating element separately (code 33110001 for 110v, and 33110002 for 230v). If you are replacing this part, remember to tighten the nut properly to prevent any steam escaping. Even though the heating element works well when the boiler is only partially full, remember to fill it after using the steam for a prolonged period of time."


The small black wire goes from the element terminal on the left (while facing the front of the machine) to the high-limit safety thermostat on the front of the boiler. The yellow wire goes from the right side element terminal to the steam thermostat (on the top center, above the high-limit) and to the orange indicator light.

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Had to replace the heating element on our V1 Silvia, there was a lot of parts that had to be replaced in order to use the new boiler but Coffee Addicts had everything we needed and got it too us quickly! It's working great now. Best prices I could find too!


Great service ! and fast delivery !